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Degradation of Biowaste Liquid Fraction In Anaerob Batch Reactor

Hartati, Etih and Syafila, Mindriany and Soewondo, Prayatni and Handajani, Marisa and Binol, Ravina R and Dian, Sylvina WAP and Damanhuri, Enri (2011) Degradation of Biowaste Liquid Fraction In Anaerob Batch Reactor. In: The 1st ACIKITA International Conference of Science and Technology.

Degradation of Biowaste Liquid Fraction In Anaerob Batch Reactor_ACIKITA 2011.pdf

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Biodegradable constituents of municipal solid wastes such as fruit and vegetable wastes are produced in large quantities in markets, and become a source of nuisance in municipal landfills or composting, because of their biodegradability. In order toresolve the problem and reduce the biodegradability of organic fraction municipal solidwastes, mechanical and biological treatment are applied. The aim of this research is to evaluate the biodegradation process of biowaste in liquid fraction made Caringin market in anaerobic batch reactor. Furthermore, the production of biogas from the reactor is also being monitored. Biowaste used in this research were taken from Caringin Market, Bandung. Mechanical treatment used include sorting, grinding and separating, while biological treatment used in this research was by anaerobic digestion using a batch reactor operated at a volume of 4 L. By mechanical treatment, the liquid fraction of the biowaste was obtained. This research used a substrate liquid fraction of the original biowaste, artificial, vegetables, fruits and variations of pretreatment sedimentation and without pretreatment. Physical-chemical parameters analyzed in this research are pH,VSS, volatile fatty acid (FVA), chemical oxygen demand (COD), ethanol, and biogas. The results show that the efficiency of COD removal at higer s pretreatment edimantation than without pretretment. COD removal efficiency in substrat with pretreatment sedimentation 81.82% the biowaste original reactor, 72.73% the biowaste artificial reactor, 81.97% the vegetable reactor and 59.90% the fruit reactor. Methan produced 2.11% day-to-10 in the biowaste original reactor without pretreatment, and with pretreatment 0,16% the vegetable reactor and 0,019% the fruit reactor, which both occurred on the fourth day.

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