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Identifikasi Perubahan Garis Pantai dan Ekosistem Pesisir di Kabupaten Subang

HANDIANI, DIAN N. and Darmawan, Soni and HERNAWATI, RIKA and SURYAHADI, MUHAMMAD F. (2017) Identifikasi Perubahan Garis Pantai dan Ekosistem Pesisir di Kabupaten Subang. Reka Geomatika, 2017 (2). pp. 61-71. ISSN 2338-350X

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This research is a preliminary study for economic valuation of coastal services and goods in Subang Regency. Main factors in the valuation are ecological existing, changing, services and goods of coastal ecosystem. Coastline changes estimation was based on the overlay of Landsat satellite image at year of 1988, 1996, 2003, and 2016. Estimation shows since year of 1988 to 2013 there is changing of coastline around 8,17 km. The changes are dominantly caused by coastline sedimentation and abrasion. Higher sedimentation occured in Pusakanagara (869,9 ha) and Blanakan (725,4) Subdistrict, while highest abrasion occured in Legonkulon (885,8 ha) Subdistrict. Estuary and mangrove forests are natural ecosystem that had been used intensively and changing very excessively in this region. These changing causes degradation in functions of these ecosystems. Meanwhile, changing of mangrove forest into aquaculture only provides food. This research shows the necessity in economic valution of mangrove forest versus aquaculture in Legonkulon Subdistrict, and also estuary as transportation function in Pusakanagara Subdistrict. Keywords: coastline, coastal ecosystem, erosion, sedimentation, Subang

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